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Circadian rhythms
Why timing matters?
Circadian rhythms
Life has adapted to regular day-night change.

Daily oscillations of hormonal and biological patterns of our body are called circadian rhythms.
Mistiming of lifestyle and body rhythms is no good.

Desynchronization of wake and sleep with sleep hormone melatonin causes tiredness.

Desynchronization of meals and circadian rhythmicity of insulin sensitivity may cause metabolic disorders.
Circadian rhythms are strongly individual.

Recall the morning and evening chronotypes — "larks" and "owls" — who are more productive earlier or later at day.

Optimal performance and health can be achieved if you know your chronotype and sync your lifestyle to your body rhythm.
Clinical biomarker of dynamic stability of circadian rhythm — available via SDK for:
  • Telemedicine platforms

    • Autocompletion — for sleep diary and questionnaires

    • Automated session — quality report

  • Chrono-pharmacology

    • Smart scheduling — for Medication adherence

    • Decision support — precise timing for saliva DLMO (dim-light melatonin onset) test

  • Clinical Trial Platforms

    • Enrollment criteria

    • Non-responder detection

scientific way to know your body circadian rhythms
  • Wearable technology
    Wearable or mobile step counts at morning, noon, and evening tell when you are more active.
  • AI
    AI powered by deep learning neural network technology determines your circadian patterns and chronotype based on your step counts.
  • Big data
    Big data (NHANES) provides population baseline to calculate your performance score — to see how optimally your current lifestyles are synchronized with your body circadian rhythms.
for your fitness, wellness, or mindfullness app
  • Android and iOS
    Our SDK is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Integration
    We offer assistance on integration SDK tools to your product.
  • Engagement
    Users will be engaged to collect, like, share, and mint badges with generative art based on their fitness data.
  • Support
    We offer support and continuous implementation of new features to our SDK.
  • Personalization
    Performance score tells what lifestyles are best fit and synchronized with user's individual circadian rhythms.
  • Backed by science
    Using SDK performance score you can rely on our solid scientific work published in trusted peer-reviewed scientific journals.
  • Digital biomarker
    Studies on physical activity, back pain, sleep, and mental health will benefit from adding circadian rhythm patterns to monitored biomarkers.
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